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Titoism and Stalinism. First and Second Zionist Formations. The last step to paradise

“Divide and conquer” – jewish principle that their bulwark communism made its main tactics. Two jewish religions – christianity and islam – tore apart Balkans since being installed there. Communism of 20 century based on them both ended their work by creating the un-ethnic un-national communist state of Yugoslavia, which was based on nothing but destruction of all national traditions and borders and identity. They did the same to national Russian Empire when destroyed it to create un-national un-racial multicultural Soviet Union on its place, where every non-white muslim Asiatic bastard could attack Russian woman, because the “country” she lived in was no more Russia – no more hers – but belonged to everyone.

If you ask smb what the Soviet Union was, he will probably answer: it was communist super-power, it was murder-machine, it was anti-freedom genocidal formation, Russian will answer “it was a paradise where everyone was employed [even if against their will] and where everybody had guaranteed reward [even if they couldn’t live on it]”, and many other things – even the jew world order – but rare one will answer: it was the most multicultural, anti-national, anti-racist and “diversified” society ever known. Most Russians usually scorn Yeltsin for making Russia a separate country, while the fact is “non-Russians” / Asiatic non-Whites we hate so much, came to our lands because during 1922-91 such notion as “Russia” simply did not exist. How can you tell them “crawl out of my lands” if they are not your lands anymore? – if they are a “union of lands” that belongs to no one, i.e. belongs to the Jew alone.

If Soviet Union is the “first Zionist formation”, Yugoslavia is the second one. Yugoslavia was based on the very core principles Soviet Union was – absolute destruction of any and all national, ethnic and cultural borders. The “not your lands” principle is the reason of all genocides ever committed under Yugoslavia formation by one people against another.

From Genocides in Yugoslavia

“With the end of World War II and the creation of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, many genocides in Yugoslavia were done against the non-slav minorities as Hungarians, Italians, Germans, Albanians an other non serbian-croat minorities (some Jews were also murdered by the partisans). The intention of this communist regime was a clear ethnic cleansing.

Mostly of then happened on the northern region of Vojvodina, mainly against Hungarians (around 40.000) and Germans (56.000). Italians were also massacrated on the Foibe massacres and expelled on the Expulsion of Italians from Istria and Dalmatia“.

Any desire of any people to preserve or restore their ethnic identity was severely suppressed by the key leader of a zionist formation (in Yugoslavia it was Communist Serbia):

The 21st Yugoslav party Conference was held in Karadjordjevo. President Tito opened the meeting by talking about negative political tendencies in Croatia and Yugoslavia. They show signs of divisive nationalism. He categorically condemned the student strike in Zagreb. The party leadership fully supported comrade Tito’s views. It vowed to implement them immediately.

Tito’s Ghosts, 1:28-29 minutes

In Soviet Union zionist formation Russia played the same role as Serbia played in Yugoslavian zionist formation – the clay. And when in later years of Soviet Union Baltic countries were trying to break free from USSR they were suppressed by Russian army as severely as Croatians and Slovenians were when trying to break free of Communist Serbia. Jewish hatred to Gentile ethnic preservation is now seen in how jew Putin is enraged over Ukraine’s modest desire to break free after full century of imprisonment and pillage by Kremlin.

Destruction of true identity is one pillar of JWO. Creating the new one on its place is another.

Cult of personality, cult of the party – all this creates a new artificial sense of life for those, who were ripped off of their one they had before – their identity – identifying with their nationality, race, cultural and genetic roots [all destroyed under communism]. Titoism was for Balkans the same as Stalinism / Leninism for peoples of “Soviet Union” – a Big Brother, a sense of belonging, a sense of life – to whom you gave all your love [the end of 1984 by Orwell], all your family [Pavlik Morozov], your identity, your fight, your life [WWII].

To illustrate this, an excerpt from the book The Conversion from Stalinism to ‘Titoism’: Its Impact on the Yugoslav Communist Militants
by Sava D. Bosnitch

Love for the USSR was always the main test of leadership with the CPY. The most ardent, fullest love was institutionally linked to the leader of the party. In the struggle for party power, all contestants vied with each other to prove that theirs was the greatest love of the USSR. In 1948, when openly criticized by the leader of the more obsequious pro-Soviet fraction of the CPY, Tito repudiated his rival’s arguments by labelling them intolerable encroachments upon the Secretary General’s monopoly of matchless love for the USSR: “You have usurped the right to love the Soviet Union more than I do.””

The CPY’s vital pre-revolutionary task was also to make the USSR popular in Yugoslavia. Thus, pro-Soviet agitation and propaganda was the ‘bulk’ of party activity, commanding most of the CPY funds. The Party also resolutely counteracted the activity of all elements customarily accused by the Communists of slandering the Soviet Union. It was largely this campaign of deception and fraud that earned the Yugoslav Stalinist the disrepute of both mercenaries and ideologically motivated fifth columnists.

This sampling of the Stalinist outlook of Yugoslav Communists would remain totally unrepresentative unless at least one example of the CPY’s adoration of Josif Vissarionovich Stalin is cited. Excerpts from an article faithfully convey the official image of the supra-national party deity:

“The spirit of the great Stalin . . . Is there any greater honour and happiness than the feeling that your closest and dearest comrade is Stalin? . . . Stalin is the most beloved face in our villages and cities . . . With his name on their lips our heroes are dying . . . In Stalin lives everything that is great, noble and freedom loving in man-kind . . . Stalin is the incarnated Marxism-Leninism . . . Stalin can see future events in centuries to come . . . there are no puzzles for Stalin in this world . . .Stalin represents a whole epoch, the most decisive one in the whole history . . . Stalin is Lenin of today. It is our pride to live in Stalin’s era, to fight under his leadership and thus become part of an entity that is immortal. The future human, no matter at what he may look, will see Lenin and Stalin in everything in this world . . .”

Communism is a Religion

According Carl Joachim Friedrich and Zbigniew Brzezinski characteristics of a totalitarian regime are:

Characteristics of a totalitarian regime; a total ideology, a single mass party, a terrorist secret police, a monopoly of mass communication, all instruments to wage combat are in the control of the same hands, and a centrally directed planned economy. Totalitarian dictatorships emerge after the seizure of power by the leaders of a movement who have developed support for an ideology.

The point when the government becomes totalitarian is when the leadership uses open and legal violence to maintain its control. The dictator demands unanimous devotion from the people and often uses a real or imaginary enemy to create a threat so the people rally around him.

– Totalitarian Dictatorship and Autocracy by Carl Joachim Friedrich and Zbigniew Brzezinski

“Creating real or imaginary enemy” point is very important when one wants to inspire a war. All communist regimes are being created with one sole intent – to create super power capable of waging world revolution. And world revolution means a world war. All 3 World Wars were/are inspired for this purpose – they were/are attempts of world revolution.

“Everyone has his/her price to be sold for. Not necessarily in money. Just propose me socialism in the entire world, and I will sell myself for this” – Stalin.

Stalin admits that his sense of life was world revolution, and as far as it is accomplished he has nothing to exist for. The uncover of KGB archives shows Stalin had plans to invade Europe long before Hitler attacked him first thus preventing this.

The existence of the enemy is very important. It gives a sense to your own existence. But after they destroyed your true identity, they also destroyed your understanding of the enemy. As far as you are nothing (no race, not nation, no roots) – who can be your enemy? Obviously it should be the enemy of the ideology you dissolved in.

The bad image of the Nazi gave the sense of life to all mass slave states of 20 century even in the eyes of many future generations. The great fear before Nazi was holding all Soviet Union and is still holding today’s Russia in loyalty to jews and their communist regime. When an average Russian is shown atrocities against his/her people in konzlagers, their usual answer is: “well… yes, but they defeated the Nazi”. You only need to call a jewish mass murderer a “defeater of Nazi” – and in their eyes it will give a greater sense to his life than to the life of millions of Russian people murdered by him. This is how the cult of Stalin is resurrected in today’s Russia.

Tito as well was considered a “local reincarnation of Marxism-Leninism”. He had his secret police UDBA and OZNA hunting on “enemies of people” day and night. And he had traditional to the all communism image of “the enemy of people” that made his one big GULAG-like state worth existing.

The last pillar that complete the JWO is slave labor. To make world revolution you need superpower. To build superpower you need hands to do it. To gather these hands you need a system of camps comparable to Soviet GULAG. Ethnic cleansing and “Antifascist massacres” can be used to fill these camps with capable and hard-working “enemies of people” and “bad fascists” to build jewish paradise and work these “the builders of paradise” to death.

The “builders of paradise” are usually of Aryan Race. Its well-known fact that the first wave of Soviet army during WW2 that was to actually fight in war and to make most sacrifices was Slavic, while second wave was mainly Asiatic and meant to rape Germany and Eastern Europe to death, and only then jews came to rule freely. It is no different of how jews tried to use the ancestors of Aryan Race – the Demons – to create the “Temple of Solomon”. In communism is works the same way: talented Aryans are to be main slave force, lower races and criminals are used to keep the first in terror until jews get what they need and destroy both.

GULAG system by Stalin:

soviet gulag map

Gulag was a group of 476 camps mostly in Siberia, where the largest ones were e.g. Kolyma, Vorkuta, Norilsk, etc. They included together about 18 000 000 prisoners, and at least 2 000 000 of them surely perished (probably much more). – Metapedia. Solzhenizin claims about 60 million (Gulag Archipelago vol. 2). Population statistics calculations shows approximately the same result (about 70 million perished from Soviet Union during communist era). The ideologist of perestroika Yakovlev point out number 100 million. (in Russian)

Ex-NKVD high-ranking official with many rewards on his chest in the above video is regretting that Russia lost its slave labor system it had during soviet times…
“It should be said that political prisoners of Magadanskaya oblast’ (Magadan) of 1938-40 mined so much gold, that right now the region gives 40% less than in those times. Then it was the only place where country took so much gold from. Then all was handmade, now all is automatic. This is what is a pity. Now you will not see “tachka” (track) there. All is done by high technology. It was so because they worked more productive”.

Uranium, gold, tree etc. – all economical wonders Soviet Union ever had were slave handmade, it was all produced by human Gentile slaves of GULAG, who worked better than machines are working in 21 century, the thing ex-NKVD boss regrets so much. GULAG was the one who produced all soviet wealth. GULAG was the source of soviet power in the cold war. GULAG was the source of all Soviet superpower.

Tito also recognized that a huge slave labor system is a source of power and wealth. He also brilliantly recognized how to create havoc around it and to persuade many future generations that it was his enemies who did all the work for him in genociding Balkan peoples. Here I relate the Balkan GULAG system based on material of metapedia brilliantly promoted as “Slav/Serbian holyhoax” by the jews on many generations of White Balkanians to make them hate their own Aryan liberators, who tried to free them from this very genocide.

While many Slavic Serbs and 100 million Slavs of Russia were REALLY tortured and worked to death in slave camps like the below, it was done by the jew alone (see the proof below), still all of the below info – just absolutely all – is blamed on Hitler and Nazi and brilliantly used to promote the prominent myth of “Slav holocaust”.

• Konz-Lager ‘Jasenovac’ aka Јасеновац (1945-1948): stolen from the original Croatian (Kaykavian) name Jesenovec (listen: Yessenovets), blame-shifted on Hitler and Nazi allegedly used by Germans against Serbs, in fact used by jewish government of Tito after WWII against ethnic Croats. 40-50 thousands Croat victims in 2 years.

• Konz-Lager Gradiska: (1945-2005) and Konz-Lager Lepoglava (1945-2008):
Both blame-shifted on Hitler and Nazi, both being false-promoted as death camps for Serbs, both started working as death camps only after WWII, in both together ¾ Croatian nationalists were tortured. [Croats as well as all Slavs / Scythian are Aryans]

• Konz-Lager Goli Otok (1948-1989) and Konz-Lager ‘Grgur’ (1948-1976): This largest and most terrible Yugoslav Konz-Lager (called also Yugoslav Alcatraz) is a successor of (falsified) camp ‘Jasenovac’. From 1948 to late 80th it was used for genocide of Aryan Balkan nations, long after WWII and after all Germans were robbed of all their belongings and expelled of Yugoslavia. It’s eastern part Goli was for torturing Balkan men, and for Balkan women was the western islet ‘Grgur’ (again false serbized name Гргур: in original Croatian-Chakavian it was Šagargûr). ‘Grgur’ was known for mass rape. Goli Otok genocided people from: Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo. [my note, all Aryans]

The fact that the above is blamed on Hitler and Nazi as “concentration camps for jews and gypsies” and also “Serbs” is the other reason why enemy image is needed. While Hitler and Nazi really built working camps (for example Auschwitz – with theaters, beaches, swimming pools, football fields, orchestras, operas and full industrial complex to be employed – smth that in modern democracies people have 100 persons per place competition). It was post war communist jews in power of Yugoslavia who first started misusing these camps to torture and massacre their own citizens. All people tortured and murdered in these camps were Aryan peoples of Balkans, rarer foreigners, and never ever jews or gypsies.


Communism is a religion, but it does not trust in “g-d”. It trusts in the idea. And when one dies for this idea, in the eyes of his comrades he becomes this idea himself, assimilated by it, as well as xian becomes a “part of g-d” after death. Jewish religions and modern jewish programs such as atheism, are the only ones where dead soul can never reincarnate and return to this world again. Where it can never return to the life. Where it gets assimilated. Paradise – both christian, muslim and communist – can never come till you are still alive. It can only come when you die. The eternal fame awaits you only in the place where you do not anymore exist. The Death of The Entire People – is that last step that divided Soviet Union and Yugoslavia from communist paradise and that they both yet failed to make, because there was someone who was able to stop them.


There was no personality cult in Nazi Germany as jewish lies tries to claim. Instead there was the cult of The People, the cult of The Race.

The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people! And for this people and for the sake of this people we will struggle and fight! And never slacken! And never tire! And never lose courage! And never despair!

– Adolf Hitler

Restore your true identity and you will not need jewish paradise where you do not anymore exist. You will have The One on The Earth.

The Conversion from Stalinism to ‘Titoism’: Its Impact on the Yugoslav Communist Militants by Sava D. Bosnitch