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Yugoslavia: second Zionist formation

Information given by Pellazgo Ilir
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Of course both German and Slavic people are of Nordic/Aryan origins. So are the French, Italian and British – and so are Serbs and Albanians. But they were all fighting against their own blood for political ideologies. One ideology loved their race, heritage and wanted to unite them under ethnicity. (National Socialism)

The other wanted to delete all the old culture it found, by uniting nations which had no similar background. (Like ‘Asain’ peoples and countries like the Soviet Union did. Even the Soviet army had many Asian troops). This was a Zionist plan of course. And they did not like the Russian people themselves. They just wanted to use them. (They killed Russians and Ukrainians in holodomors and GULAGs – see Jewish Bolshevism).

Now going to the Balkans…….

In the Balkans there was no real National Socialist country in the start besides Austria which was in Europe. But there was Yugoslavia, a communist formation. Which started from Serbia. Which I call the second Zionist formation. Hitler attacked Yugoslavia because he knew the leaders were not Slavic but Zionist, just the people were Slavic. Under Yugoslavia many ethnic Slavic and others were killed just like in Ukraine.

The World War I for example started while a Serbian extremist group [my note, jewish terrorist group] killed a Austrian ruler, who had come to Serbia for a diplomatic visit.

During the Second World War Germany and Italy attacked Yugoslavia and defeated it. Germans formed National Socialism in Croatia and a little in Bosnia.

Italy formed National Socialism in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

According Albanian eye-witnesses, this period was the best time for Albania, true national liberation, where “the occupants” let Albanian flags at last be held upon ethnic Albanian schools instead of Serbian ones, where they set borders between nations letting native Albanians live on their territories with their own, and other consequences of “bad fascists” occupying a territory:

Shqiperia Etnike (1940-1945) Ethnic Albania

But this lasts very few years because the Soviet Army defeated the German main army. This was the end.

After this Soviets invade Europe. While Yugoslavia invades Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania under a separate communist rule. And they kept us Albanians under communism longer than all other nations. When even Yugoslavia didn’t exist anymore.

Now to end this listen to it yourself but two interesting prime ministers:

Serbia & Israel – Brothers (2014) Netanyahu & Vucic