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Zionism is Judaism

“In the time of the Messiah the Jews will exterminate all the peoples of the earth.” In 1673 Bar Nachmani, in “Bammidhar rabba,” fol. 172, c. 4 and fol. 173, c.

What this whole Zionist issue with the Jews comes down to is the Jews believe they have a messiah who in their holy writings like Isaiah is a Political leader and also a political movement. This King of the Jews must rule from Israel and when they conqueror and destroy all the Goyim nations and destroy their gods, races and, nations, cultures and Judaize them. Their god will descend to mount Hebron and rule thought the Messiah in Israel and totally destroy all the races and nations finishing them into a Jewish world. This is meaning of the Jewish religion and the instructions for this is in their Torah.

The Rothschild’s believe this is them, they own and created Israel and have been pushing this Messianic agenda which others Jews have done for centuries before the Rothschild’s. So its obvious why the Rothschild’s created Communism its the Messianic political movement they are given instructions in the their Torah to create, for Jews to conqueror the planet totally with. And Rothschild’s will rule as the Messianic Jewish Kings from Israel thus fulfilling the Messianic mission of Judaism. By actualizing it into reality.

When this happens the Jewish world will be united under their Messiah to rule the Goyim with a Rod of Iron as their holy texts state. The program to do this is dissolution of all races, cultures, nations, individual economies and ethnicities. This will be replaced by a One World Religion of Judaism. The “No God But God” the Muslim’s state. They got this off Judaism this means no God but the Jewish God thus the Jews themselves. The Messianic Jewish Religion they have planned to rule the Global Zion by is Communism. Its a religious Jewish Messianic movement which has been written on by the Jews themselves as being such. Remember the Messiah is also a Political Movement.

Communism is still here the Jewish elites have made the economies as worse as possible and not allowed recovery while pushing polices of dissolution of nations, races and cultures around the world. And Communizing our societies by social Marxism. They are now moving towards another world war and total economic collapse to usher in the final steps to a total Global Communist take over. They built their Red China into a military and economic super power like the Soviet Union. For the purpose of waging global economic and military warfare. The Protest Wall Street movement was created by Rothschild’s thought their Jewish agents its stated purpose was to start a Communist revolution in America. Just because it failed once does not mean they are not going to try again, they are trying daily. They have created all the conditions needed for massive Communist movements across the planet.

When they take total power by their Messianic world movement, Communism. They will then initiate by their texts a total planetary holocaust of billions of human beings. Leaving only a few hundred million, micro chipped Goyim who will exist as cattle property in a brutal Orwellian system to serve and be raped by the Jews night and day as the Torah states the Goyim are for. In a global factory farm. Where the Jews will become God.

This planet is on the eve of total destruction again. Time has come back around to where it was in the previous century. When the mass grave of the Gentle world had been fully prepared. At the last hour, the call to resistance was raised under the Swastika by Adolf Hitler.

Don’t forget this. No matter who says what and how the Jew, fucking lies don’t YOU, and I mean YOU reading this, ever forget this.

Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism.”- Rabbi Stephen Wise

Zionism is Judaism. Don’t be fooled by the fakes who tell you different my people, Zionism is Judaism.

– High Priest Mageson666