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Exposing Communist Criminals: They all are Jews

Jews are Reptilian hybrids; Reptilians are an extraterrestrial species that are working to destroy humanity. Their goal is to enslave all Gentiles and keep us from advancing into higher beings. By doing this they generated a parasitic race with a purpose to enslave, manipulate, and control us humans––that is the Jews. Reptilian genes were passed on to the Jew and their DNA remains within them. There is obvious proof that Jews can relate to reptilians just by seeing their purpose in zionism and world domination. Jews DO have reptilian genetics and this is obvious if one recognizes the features of a Jew. Their facial features such as nose, eyes, ears, etc can relate to reptilians. There were reptilian statues found in graves by the Ubaid people in Iraq which dates back to 4,000 BCE. ; This is about the time when Jews claim their beginnings. Gentiles go back much further than that.

Everything the Jews do can relate to reptilians such as animal mutilation, blood drinking, and human sacrifices that are involved in their cultural rituals. Other enemy ET’s such who work with the reptilians such as Grey’s do the same activities. Cattle mutilation, abduction, sacrifices are proven to be responsibilities of Grey and reptilians. You see Jews having the same intentions and pursuit. Even in the Jewish made religions include sacrifices that symbolize cannibalism such as ‘eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ’. And in the bible it talks nothing but gore, blood, violence that is fed to little children. The truth is that it’s in their nature to do such; they were created for this purpose.

Jews, even on a unconscious level, will naturally feed off your vital energy and life force. They are born “psychic vampires” with the ability to drain Gentiles, even without knowing they are doing so. This is how they survive and regain their energy. Like vampires, they attach to their victim with the need to feed on a daily basis. This comes natural to them. Remember that they are programmed and designed for this purpose, as it’s in their subconscious to do such.

Also you can see that Israel is a race based state, where the government even forces all immigrants applying to take a DNA test to prove their racial Jewishness. They introduced DNA testing to ensure that no non-Jews from Russia enter the country, according to an announcement from the Prime Minister’s office in Tel Aviv made at the end of July 2013.

Jews have reptilian genes and they’re created to remove knowledge and fool us. Their so called masters (what we know as reptilians) have helped these parasites and gave them the knowledge to defeat us. Jews are NOT of the human race and most definitely not of the white race!

– Teloc Vovim
[author of the most articles exposing jewish bolshevik criminals in this section, answer on the question: “What do these criminals being jewish have to do with anything?”]

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All leaders behind communism of 20 century in every country were jews

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Harvest of Despair – The 1933 Ukrainian Holodomor Famine Genocide (Documentary)
This is an award-winning documentary (10 competitive festival awards and 3 non-competitive). It is produced by the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre in Toronto, Canada. This movie describes a job done by the above mentioned jewish communist criminals in Soviet Union for which they received awards and medals, and for which Russian streets and subway stations are named after them till nowadays.

The evidence of the alien reptilian gene also known as Cohen gene (admited by jewish scientist Cohen thus named after him) can be seen in the rare and hideous disease Harlequin Ichthyosis. Warning grafic.
This is what can happen when one race-mixes with the Jews [4 minutes]